WOD Tuesday (pm) 22/1/13

23 Jan

Hammer time…

Main element last night was our “Hero WOD”, “Hammer”!

It was great to merge the level 2 and level 3 classes at 1730, the level 2 class get a taste of how hard the level 3 guys work!

5 rounds for total time:
5 power cleans (60/40kg)
10 front squats (60/40kg)
5 jerks (60/40kg)
20 pull ups
Rest 90secs

We had some impressive times during the first class from the likes of Jim @21:41 compared to our morning athletes. THEN the rest of he big boys turned up at 1830 and absolutely wiped poor Jim’s score, Paul scoring 18:55 and Alex 19:58, great to see Rich and Chris at 1730 pushing the Rx’d weight! 1930, one big name left to go up on the board! Tommy C, 13:27, he through that bar around like it was a stick, and kept he’a rest until it was time to rest! He then proceeded to be sick and experience severe cramp in both carves and quads afterwards, you know how it is! Top female Rx’d score from last night, 25:57 from Adrienne!

Solid work everyone! Let me know how your obliques feel after our little turkish warm up!

3 thoughts on “WOD Tuesday (pm) 22/1/13

  1. Speaking as a level 2 I wasn’t anywhere near able to do the sequences of that WOD with any proficiency. The jerks at the end were too much, at least 3 of our class(myself included….) tried to put the bar through our jaws on the split jerk. Not pretty.

    1. Hitting your own jaw or nose during a jerk, thruster or push press is something of a rite of passage in CrossFit…it’s also self correcting!

    2. Re. the WOD itself – the Hero WODs are incredibly demanding, much more so than normal CrossFit named WODs.

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