Wrist pain.

05 Jan

Wrist pain could be becoming the “new lower back pain”.

The thing about  exercise is this: your body tends, especially under times of  pressure, to use patterns it knows well. Many people, when deadlifting fatigued, allow their lower back to round: Why? Its because its the back strategy that most of use use all the time, at our desks, slumped in a chair. When lower back pain hits, it’s because we have used the same exhausted muscle (or teeny ligament) time and time again.

It gives up and hurts.

Your wrists are the same. Many moves require us to hyperextend our wrist: musing, getting up, posing, leaning: loads of things.


But add to that: push ups, burpees….heavy push presses and front squats, and your wrists, they can hurt.

You will find, on occasion, your  Crossfit London trainers will be introducing some couter balancing isolation moves (that you may wish to practice at home): some drills  will be aimed at restoring the whole range of motion, others aimed  simply at strengthening your forearms.


Pinching exercises to develop finger ( and thus, forearm, Strength): below is the Friday class playing with disc pinch high pulls, just after some finger push ups

photo (3)

Obviously, if you get wrist pain, wraps may take the edge off, but, eventually you need to strengthen your forearms. The good news is that, the more you flex your wrists, the better your false grip!

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