12 Feb

Monday Night @ GG


Cleans 5×2

Tonight we concentrated on ‘trusting your hips’ so that meant anyone who pulled with their arms got serious ‘rower face’ from me and had to redo the rep…it worked and we got some really good cleans and getting underneath the bar!


Back Squat 3×3

We worked on low bar back squat tonight and managed to get everyone into a good position and have a good understanding of why we do low bar and how it should feel…good work!



Double Unders
Sit ups

I made everyone attempt double unders tonight, because….unless you couldn’t skip the only way you will get a double under is if you attempt one!!…and by the end of the evening, every person in the class got one…boom!

Awesome evenings work guys!


One thought on “11/02/13

  1. ‘trusting your hips’ or ‘thrusting’? Both, I guess, as Shakira says ‘The hips don’t lie’

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