13 Feb

Wednesday AM @ MP

Today started with a bit of skill work to warm up…everyone trying out their newly bought rope and being upside down at 7am must be the highlight of everyone’s day! 🙂


Deadlifts 5×10 Reps

Good lifts all round, and everyone was warned that if they didn’t keep their chin down there would be consequences!


Jerk 7×1

Everyone was advised to not try and do their 1RM here but make sure it was heavy enough so that they were dropping under the bar and not pressing…basically I bullied everyone until they did!

AMAP 6 Rounds for total reps

1 min Push Press @ 25/35kg
1 min KB Swings @ 20/12kg

12 mins in total

Wow Kat…you’re mean!!!! Good work guys, solid effort to everyone, I could see the pain but great scores!!


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