Basic Barbell: 2-FEB-2013

02 Feb

Olympic lifting:

Theme: keeping the bar close to the chest; being fast under the bar

1) 3-position drill: high hang, knees, floor

2) tall snatches: pull yourself under the bar; start with standing on toes. Not as easy as it sounds, right?

3) combo of 2x snatch pull + 1 fast snatch

4) tall cleans: same tip toe position for a fast drop under the bar

5) 6min combo: EMOM high pull + power clean + high hang squat clean


Bench & row

Press & pull ups


3x max dips/ dumbbell push ups

3×8 reverse dumbbell flies

Deadlift & Squat


5×8 barbell roll-outs (aim was to maintain the ‘dish’ shape throughout the movement)

5×8 single leg KB deadlift


Well done all and as have reminded you find a strength program you can follow and follow it!



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