Basic barbell: 23-FEB-2013

23 Feb

Olympic lifting:

Warm up: kettlebell fun

Theme: efficient pull during the snatch & fast catch at the bottom

1) 3-position pull drill: high hang, knees, floor; then build up the weight

2) put in in context of the full snatch

3) fixing the fast catch in the full squat: full clean from the high hang


Big shout out to Ben for the biggest improvement during the class.



Press combined with pause towel pull ups

Bench combined with decline pause ring rows


Pendlay row 3×10

Diamond push ups 3xmax

Big shout out to Heather who beat the boys with 17 push ups!


Squat & Deficit deadlift


Hip raises 3×10

Weighted sit ups 3×10


Great work from all and I will see you next week!


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