Basic Barbell, 9 February – Olympic Weightlifting & Strength

10 Feb

Olympic lifting

Primarily a technique session today, with everyone making significant improvements in their form. Great work folks!

Drill 1: Tall snatch

Drill 2: Jumping backwards at the end of the second pull (a.k.a. coaching masterstroke!)

Drill 3: Halting Snatch

Light snatch practice

Drill 4: Tall clean

Drill 5: Halting clean

Light clean practice

Strength training

Paused Press or bench press (reps/sets as per programming)
Towel pull-ups between all sets

Assistance movements

45x Double kettlebell overhead press
30x Pendlay row

Paused Squat or deficit deadlift (reps/sets as per programming)

Assistance movements

30x Barbell good mornings
30x Turkish sit-up

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