Basic Barbell Saturday 16 Feb: Welcome to PR town

16 Feb

Pretty much lost track of all of the PRs today. They seems to be dropping every 2mins and my abiding memory is that bell going off…


Olympic Weightlifting

Focus on the Split Jerk, today.


Drill 1: Press in split

Strict press while standing in the split, to ingrain the bar path and get comfortable in the split


Drill 2: Push press in split

As above, but with dip and drive


Drill 3: Rack jerk from half split

Jerk the bar starting behind the head, starting from a partial split position


Drill 4: Split jerk from half split

Full split jerk starting from a  half split foot position


Drill 5: Full split jerk

For fame and money. But mainly PRs. Which nearly everyone got.


Strength training

Similar to the Oly competition we ran a couple of week’s back, today we had a strength ‘test’ session.

Work up a 2RM on each of the three main lifts: squat, press or bench, deadlift.

More PRs tumbled than I have ever seen in a single session. Great lifting from everyone!

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