Carolyn and Phils Mobility class 2pm, Sat 2 March.

07 Feb

Ever wondered where to stick a tennis ball? Ever thought of using a 20kg barbell to massage yourself with? Ever wondered which stretches are horrifically painful?

Read on!

At Crossfit London we do not allow our coaches to waste 10/ 20 minutes  of your valuable class time on irrelevant prep stretches. Our clients travel from all over London, sometimes at rush hour peak times,  and dont want to be “mugged off” with those fascial stretches PTs do in leisure centres to, frankly , waste 20 minutes of a class ( and cover up the fact they cannot lift, or squat or press).

That said everyone who stands in front of our coaches has a mobility problem!  It could be a  wibbley shoulder, a back issue , wonky  hips, a tight neck:  Its a long list.

The mobility of your body is determined, not by stretches, but what you do with your body all day. If you hunch up in a chair you will have a tight hunched up posture, which is great. Just make sure that when looking for sex partners you go for other  tightly hunched,  immobile people. Then, simply chose your inspirational  pornography carefully .

However, if you  aspire to  quality of movement and the ability to apply force , you will have to restore your range of motion, and for that you need  to get your daily movement better, but add targeted stretches movements and “therapies” ( without getting into the clutches of a “Tarmacking PT”  or “Therapist”)

This mobility class  taught by  Carolyn Logan and Phillip Rolling, is designed to give you the skills  you need to deal with your problems. Sometimes its easy stretches, othertimes you discover that, to be rude, your arse is on fire ( and you didn’t know it). The fun one is someone pushing their finger into your pec minor and watching you  scream and drop. Phil may whip out his voodoo band.

Its no holds barred here, I can tell you.

The overall aim is simple: we get you to design the mobility session you need, and hopefully you do it at home, at work and before class, and you stop stooping over that computer!!

Any way the next mobility class is now on the class schedule, 2pm Saturday 2nd March ( costs whatever you normally pay for a class)

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