Crisis? What crisis?

23 Feb

“It’s flooded out there!” Said John, who’d just returned from the bathroom. He’d popped out to get some tissue to mop blood from his shins (power clean drills – ’nuff said)

He wasn’t kidding. Both loos, the two corridors and the kitchen between were under 2 inches of water! He’d found a tap left on, which had gushed water unchecked for maybe 10 mins.

A big problem, but I decided to deal with it after the WOD. That involved running, farmers walks and double unders – a nasty metcon – especially since it was freezing and actually snowing out there. I’d asked the L2 crews to imagine they were Red Cross workers in a war zone: Race 400m from the hospital, carry the wounded, get the generator going, carry more wounded – you get the idea.

The guys blasted through, and those with efficient DU’s finished  in about 12 mins. And then what did they do immediately after? Got stuck in to dealing with the flood.

The guys got mops and brooms and bits of wood, and as a team, pushed all the water out of the back door. After half an hour, the water still seemed endless, but they carried on until order was restored.

That’s what I call Crossfit. Be ready to deal with the unforeseen and unforeseeable. You guys are great to have around in a crisis!

Thank you John, Dennis, Thomas, Odessa, Debbie, Ellie and Ali. Heroes all-2 -3 -4!


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