CrossFit Games Open 2013 re-post

24 Feb

OK everyone, here’s the deal!

The CrossFit Games Open 2013 is just around the corner! For those of you that don’t know anything about the CrossFit Games or the nature of the Open, I suggest you take a “butcher’s hook” at this!

Now, we have the chance to make this a real community event but you have to help me out! The Crossfit Games Open is a great opportunity to get involved in the global CrossFit community, you will compete against thousands of people all over the world that you don’t know but as the weeks go on and the workouts change you will be able to see how you fair against your buddies at the gym, other CrossFitters in the UK, Europe Region and ultimately the best guys and gals in the World! It’s a real eye opener!

It’s a good chance to see where all that hard training you have put in over the past has gone too! I always think of the CrossFit Games Open as an annual test, although the workouts will no doubt be different to last year, I can look at the scores afterwards and go “you know what, I couldn’t even lift that last year” or “i felt better doing that movement than I did last year” or “I couldn’t even do one of those last year!”

You don’t have to be a CrossFit Games competitor to enjoy the open! The togetherness that you feel during these workouts, in a competitively judged environment is amazing, everyone working towards a common goal, to sit as high up on the leaderboard as they can! It’s great fun, like our own mini CrossFit Games! As I said before, although you have never met Joe Bloggs from Washington, because you have seen he’s name above you on the leader board, you hope the next workout is in your favour!

What I need from you guys, is a show of interest, you need to let me know if you want to be a part of this great annual community event! Only when I receive enough positive feedback can I make this happen! So spread the word and let’s put CrossFit London UK on the map!

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  1. I just wanted to chime in with what Tom is saying. I think we’re really missing a trick here.
    I’m currently training in the week at Crossfit Glasgow as I’m up North due to work. They have 150 members signed up for the Open, the fourth highest sign up rate in the world. The atmosphere and buzz in the gym is incredible already, two weeks before the first workout is released. Everyone is talking about it, training towards it and being encouraged to join (even if you’re scaling). It’s a big event that is linking them into the Crossfit community as a whole but also building the community and atmosphere within the gym. The plan is to do the workouts in place of specific classes. Apparently last year they had massive support during all these sessions, an atmosphere that they’re still talking about and one that brought one of the trainers to tears (Gav, if you ever read this- ha!)..

  2. … continued from previous post
    The reason I’m posting this is that, quite frankly I’m jealous of what I’m seeing up in Glasgow and would love us to have a similar buzz in our gym. I love training with everyone but with membership growing so rapidly it would be great to get more people involved and to give people a focal point for their training!
    Furthermore, it would be nice to feel a part of Crossfit as a whole. I started off my Crossfit ‘journey’ by only ever training at CFL but due to work I’ve now trained regularly in both Leeds and Glasgow. Fantastic facilities, staffed by amazingly friendly and dedicated coaches. It has made me realise that there is a big community out there and we should celebrate this by being more involved in the Open.
    IMO everyone should sign up. It will be awesome fun and help foster the friendships and community of CFL. And also we’re Crossfitters, part of a community that has hundreds of thousands of members globally.. Let’s feel a part of it..

  3. sorry Cian, but im going to disagree. to make a proper community, we need to do one of these

  4. Spot on Cian….you’ve nailed what’s lacking at Crossfit London. We all know that there is a pretty good chance we may lose our fee at qualifiers and bolster the Crossfit coffers, but its that sense of community and team spirit, helping each other out along the way that competition brings and most love. I love going to the Saturday morning FB class, but its prohibitively early/on match day. Please more prep classes and harder level 3 WODS and let’s get teams and days out doing runs,

  5. Much to my better judgment (as it is stuffing the crossfit coffers let’s not kid ourselves) I shall be signing up for the masters!

  6. $20 for registration? I’ve spent that stuffing on coffee and cake in a day. Crossfit better have it as clearly, I’m not to be trusted.

  7. Great post Cian 🙂
    I’m in, so are a few others. So far a nice mix of old and new members, and mixed levels.
    Here’s all the Crossfit London people here:
    From experience, I entered the open last year & really enjoyed it. Competing is not just about being better at competing, it’s about increasing your capacity/capability aka fitness. No matter what your fitness level is, WOD improvements such as smoothing out technique, pacing, strategy will hugely benefit your fitness, not just your times/scores.

  8. This should be rather exciting. We will probably put friday night aside as the main night, but there will probably be other slots open to. Perhaps a nice visit to the Pub after wouldn’t hurt.  A formal announcement  as to when etc should be  announced shortly.  This starts next week, and we are expecting 50 people. i wasnt going to enter on account of  my plantar fasciitis and and severe  flue/cough/consumption….. However, to support  “the community” Im off to register. Ill do crap because Im ill. But, if  it helps the undecided,  the ill 52 year old  ( the one with the cough) who can hardly put his foot on the floor….. is in. Hoo rah

    1. AndrewStemler i’m in… 🙂 I will contribute my (rusty) Grenadian dancing skills.

  9. Have signed up… totally up for getting together to complete the workouts if you can arrange Tom Henry – should be fun 🙂

  10. Yeah and I also agree that we should do a Harlem Shake video, seems like every Crossfit box out there does, including Crossfit Glasgow (I’ll stop talking about them soon I promise)!!!

    PS If we can get 50 members to sign up for the Open it will be AWESOME… I’m excited already!! 🙂

  11. Well done to all of you that has signed up already. 

    REMINDER: make sure you sign up as a part of CrossFit London UK team!!!

  12. You just have to register, then name Crossfit London as your affiliate, to be automatically added as the “team”

    1. Wendy W Im not sure how you can regret it. All you are going to do  are  7 (?)  wods over 7 weeks. If you cannot do one as RX, or you get  thrown a curve ball, well all it does it to focus your training a bit more..

  13. just chatted to carolyn and it looks as if the level 3 at lunchtime on thursday will be available for the comp wods too

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