CrossFit London s-Course, 17 February

17 Feb

We had a great group at today’s inaugural CrossFit London s-Course. Somehow they managed to fit three days worth of strength training, assistance exercises and accessory movements into a single day!

We kicked the day off in great CrossFit London tradition with a pleasant (!) warm-up, before cracking on with the king of strength training movements; the squat. Follow 3×5 heavy squats on this, this hard working group went to work with the heavy chains, safety squat bar, pause squats and even box squats. They finished this breathless session with good mornings and some good old heavy ab work.

We progressed to bench pressing working on tight shoulders, bar path and heel drive. Assistance movements saw them get to grips with strict pressing, narrow grip work, band work and even doubel kettlebell presses. They still had time for dips and Pendlay rows before lunch.

In the afternoon we worked on both the sumo and conventional deadlifts, and used chains and deficit pulling to change the demands on the movements. We finished with heavy kettlebell swings and weighted static back extensions to cap an intense day of strength training.

No CrossFit London event would be complete without a high class and knowledgeable coaching team. Joining me this week were Alex, Kat, Sally and Chris. Working in small groups of three, every client got great one-to-one coaching and there were considerable technique improvements across the board!

We finished with a Q&A session around strength programming, before disbanding in search of a hearty meal and a sound night’s sleep!

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