Front squat = elbows up!

05 Feb

To perform a front squat, you need a bar racked on your shoulders (the region of anterior deltoids), hands outside shoulders, fingertip support and high elbows.

High elbows: as in pointing forwards with your triceps parallel to the ground. It keeps the bar in position, encourages and upright torso and by association, maintains the lumbar curve throughout the lift. Without high elbows, the supporting structure collapses and the lift fails. It’s particularly important to drive up with your elbows out of the bottom.

Theoretically, if you had chalk on your elbows and you front squatted in front of a wall, and didn’t let your elbows droop, you would be able to draw 2 unbroken parallel lines on the way down and on the way up too.

So much for theory. We decided to do it today in the 12.00 class!

Ingeborg and Justin test the drill. MaSovaida trashes another sports top. And my (ahem) beautiful chalk tramlines. Thanks MaSovaida for this montage 🙂


Try explaining away those chalky elbows. Those who suspect you’re mad now have confirmation.

Having had fun with the drill, these guys took it to the racks for some heavy duty work. You could almost see the lines being drawn in the air on every attempt.

Some fantastic sets of 3 rep maxes. Great job guys:
MaSovaida: 3 x 75kg (whatever you’re eating, I want some!)
Melisa: 3x 50kg (hurrah!)
Ingeborg: 1 X 65kg (you go girl!)
Justin 3 x 110kg (phew!)

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