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20 Feb

There is a certain mystique associated  body weight exercises. According to you tube, those who master body weight exercises like levers, muscle ups and handstands are rewarded  with rippling abs and cute butts. In fact to characterise the body weight exercise “seminar” market, there seems to be no end of tough young people, prepared to give demo after demo of their prowess.

If only watching someone strong do a stunt,  meant you could do it.

At Crossfit London, our,  almost, unique  style is to break things down into bite sized bits.  When we stage a masterclass be it in power lifting, olympic weightlifting, or gymnastics, our task is to teach you the drills you need to get that skill. We break it down into bits, and help you put it together.

Gymnast Alex Jerrom  understands our style and  has brought with him  18 years of  top level gymnastic skill and expertise.

It was an utter delight to watch him equip an audience with all the underpinning mobility and strengthening drills they needed to begin to safely progress their  Lever and Muscle up training. The excellent thing about this seminar was that he resisted the temptation to give “flashy” demos. He took the audience through essential, progressive drills, and used the helpers to get everyone to perform those drills properly.

support check

I dont think anyone got away without a clear insight of what they needed to do to get the skill they wanted. Nor with some invaluable  feedback

Support and coaching 1

I think also, Alex  has begun the process of making us consider that you should not cherry pick gymnastic skills, rather you need to get the basics  of gymnastics ( But isn’t that so true of every physical skill: a premature rush to a “cool stunt”  often leads to failure or an injury).

So, the hall mark of an Alex Jerrom Masterclass: the basics that everyone else ignores: a mind boggling array of unusual ( cruel !!) drills to help you learn, and a clear pathway to achieving the skills.

If you havent booked a space on his next seminar Nailing the handstand in April, do so very quickly.

Its all about the handstand: and here is the understated advert……..

Every “cool” gymnastic moves comes from an ability to master the handstand. Properly executed the handstand displays balance, core strength and coordination and agility. The handstand is a gateway move to other moves like the lever, the planche and the flag: This 2 hour masterclass, with the outstanding Alex Jerrom, will show you all the special conditioning drills and progressions you need to incorporate into your training to nail the handstand. If you are gym goer this session will give you conditioning drills that will make most gym exercises seem ridiculously petty,and literally kick your training up 2 levels, for the adult gymnast, Alex will give you a unique insight into those drills that your present coaches may have neglected. For any crossfitter, this session is essential (£40)

Check out our workshop and seminar schedule.

You’ll notice that this session is accredited by REPs and is worth 3 CPD points to fitness instructors ( but its open to all). Just another reason to get booking.

You will be hearing a lot more from us about how you can train with Alex and up your gymnastics game


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