Hot Tips from The Boxing Class: Guard Up:

28 Feb

“Guard up”. 

Yes I know – its easier said than done. 
Especially when your arms get tired – right? No matter how many times you are reminded to keep your hands UP they always creep DOWN. 
Usually the only way to cure this is with some hard sparring! No-one particularly enjoys being punched in the face – (ok I actually like  sparring, but I’m weird.). Usually being caught with a decent hook will get the hands up! 
Your hands should sit on your cheek bones. When you send out the jab the other fist stays put – acting as a shield to block the counter punch – and there will be a counter punch. Drop the hand and you will know about it. Ouch! 
In general your upper body should be fairly relaxed – the more relaxed you are the easier it is to generate speed. Speed = power. Elbows tucked in to protect your ribs. 
Dropping your hands also encourages you to swing and slap your punches, meaning you aren’t using your body weight or bio mechanics to generate power. You are only using brute force, this results in lack of balance and potential injuries. 
After a certain amount of discipline and focus regarding your hands – they will stay up. Muscle memory will kick in and they will know where their home is. 
I think Andrew Stemler was lucky enough to have a really caring coach who punched him in the head every time his guard dropped. 
I can be caring too!
See you Mondays

Naomi Gibson
The Crossfit London 
 Boxing Coach

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