Introducing, the Boxing class.

07 Feb

One of the questions we are frequently asked  by our clients is, can we throw the Crossfit London brand over  other fitness and sport activities like  Boxing, swimming  and athletics and offer them in house.  The brand, for those of you who havent quite worked it out, is top quality trainers, committed to the education  or their clients, with the ability to deploy a range of educational strategies to help people learn, in a supportive “fun” environment and, no bullshit “therapy Toss”,

Hence we have decided to add a new Monday morning class to teach you how to Box. During these boxing sessions you will learn real boxing skills then develop them into basic, intermediate and advanced boxing combinations on pads  .You will learn how to move, block and punch like a pro. You will also have an adrenalin boosting, serotonin inducing, stress busting workout that will make you feel amazing and help you achieve real results.

The sessions include; skipping ( bring your own skipping rope!!) , boxing circuits – burpees, star jumps, press ups, abdominal workouts etc.  Each week you will grow in confidence as your specific boxing  fitness and skill levels soar.
These sessions will be led by Naomi Gibson.
Naomi has been boxing for nearly 6 years. She became a fully licensed ABA level 1 boxing coach 2 years ago. Having trained at Pedros ABC, Miguels ABC, Islington Boxing club and with the likes of ex-european champ Derek Williams, she stepped into the ring last year. Drew once and won once so is happy to remain unbeaten! She now spends her time training women as a boxing coach & personal trainer via her company Girls In Gloves Ltd – as well as working up a sweat in the Crossfit classes!
We choose Naomi  to deliver these sessions as she is a learning Crossfitter which means she has enough guts to go into  a strange Gym and give it ago, she also fights.
There are thousands of PT’s with a pair of pads in their bag . I personally believe that the  fitness value of boxing is in learning how to fight. Pawing away like a pussy on incorrectly held pads may be a fitness blast, but, without the underpinning skill, it  never  quite delivers. Frankly, until you have had your 1st sparring session, you dont really understand the word “intensity”. Now you wont have to spar if you dont want to, but Naomi will create the atmosphere that will eventually  make you want to give it a  go.
We are starting off with a 9 week trial, starting at  Gales Gardens 7am, Monday  18 February.We will equip the session with enough gloves and pads to share . If it takes off, or goes well, we will erect a structure to hold punch bags.
This is open to all Crossfitters level 2,level 3 and currently working through level 1. Its on the system now. If you want to get your week off to a “Kick Ass start”, this has to be the way to do it!

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  1. This is really good news. I hope there will be some evening/weekend classes in the future.

  2. Andrew, Naomi, congratulations to both of u! Great, u started it!   – Katrina

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