Level 2&3 4-FEB-2013

04 Feb

Level 2:

Power cleans: work up to your 60% 1RM then EMOM for 10mins 3 power cleans


Level 3:

Split snatch: 6×4 at 60% 1RM with a 1min rest

Handstands: wall walks, shoulder touches, partner handstand


5 rounds for time of

24 sit ups

12 box jumps




Brilliant effort guys. Short and sweet WOD and because it looked too short for the 6.30pm class they had the additional finisher of tabata t2b/k2e.

Also warm welcome back to Vas.

See you all next week!

One thought on “Level 2&3 4-FEB-2013

  1. Don’t think it was just me, but this wod was way too easy for L3. Monday’s used to be monsters. The Monday Monster if you like.

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