Level 3 1-FEB-2013 (PM)

01 Feb

Brilliant Friday evening once again.

Warm up: hip mobility

Strength: 6×3 power cleans (70% 1RM)

Skill/strength: kipping ring dips/weighted ring dips


50 thrusters (42.5/30kg)

40 hang power cleans (42.5/30kg)

30 box jumps (green/blue)

20 ring dips



Great effort John and Alex for a sub 10min mark; Daryl and Alan for going Rx; ladies for a great effort and especially Sophia who didn’t give up and worked all the way til the end.

And this was my also my first WOD with Rx’d ring dips. So happy days. I think strict paleo is helping 😉

See you all next week!

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