Level 3 8-FEB-2013

08 Feb

Warm up: partner race; in pairs complete wheelbarrow, piggy-bag, frog jumps, under the leg crawl

Prize: (to be completed at the end of the class) 1st place 20 strict pull ups between the two, 2nd place 30 pull ups etc…


Front squat: tempo squat – 6×4 @ 60% 1RM, 1min rest

pause squat – 4×5 @ 42.5% 1RM with 7 sec at the bottom

Power snatch: EMOM 5mins 3 power snatches @ 70% 1RM


5 rounds for time of

6 deadlifts (75%) 1RM

12 knees to elbows

36 double unders/tuck jumps



Little bit shorter but lot heavier WOD today. Well done all and I will see you next week!

I did V-ups instead of K2E.


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