Monday (am) 25/2/13

25 Feb

Great class this morning at CrossFit London, I actually shut the door and cycled off smiling!

We got warmed up this morning with some Turkish Get Ups by numbers, a new skill for some of the class members and my self titled “skill of the week”. This usually ends up with someone trying to TGU the smallest person in the gym by the end of the week!

We got our Deadlift on for some simple strength, nothing too mental for a monday morning! Focussing on immaculate form for 5 reps at a time, pausing at the bottom for a count of 1, going as heavy as form would allow!

After setting up for the WOD, we had took some time to look at how to cycle reps efficiently during the push press, keeping the shoulder back over the heels during the first dip then pulling the head back and the bar to the collar bone on the way down, making sure the bar passage remains perfectly straight before the bar makes contact with the shoulder and returning into the dip for the next rep. Everyone said it felt weird, in my mind that’s mission accomplished!

5 rounds for time:
10 deadlifts @ 50/35kg (lvl 2) 80/55kg (lvl 3)
5 ring dips

A nice fast workout for a monday morning with no one taking longer than 10 mins, good to see people running between movements once they realised the intensity of the workout. Ben and Tom stepped up to the level 3 weight and handled it well! Douglas said afterwards that in hindsight he probably should have done level 3 weight, that’s what’s all about!

We finished with a 5 min alternating Turkish Get Up AMRAP to fire up everyone’s midline after a potentially midline threatening workout, something we see a lot of in our training!

Good work guys, have a great monday!


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