Rope & Aerial conditioning 17/02/2013

17 Feb

The Mario Brothers quest continues!


Some solid work today. Great work from Rosie (who is my hero when it comes to blasting through a WOD) and Ruairi who had their first class today. Both picked up things quickly and really went for it, some great work. Rosie asked me today how long it takes to ‘get good’? This ultimately depends on the person, not everyone takes to hanging upside down gripping a rope with the back of their knee and one hand very well, but for others, it seems to click. I’ve noticed some great improvements with technique and skill recently, namely from the people who come consistently week to week, and I would say over a 6 week period, the past 2 weeks has seen the biggest improvements.The evil side of my also enjoyed watching Ruairi struggle a little bit (though not much!!!) at something!!

Mark is so close to nailing the hiplock! Next week! And Adam had a pretty excellent class on only 3 hours sleep. (Though I don’t endorse rope class on a hangover!) And Mikko nice steady progressions. Great ninja climbing!

We are moving onto to some bigger slightly scarier drops now for those who have been coming a while, and though still some work with peoples hock hold to be done its exciting teaching the fun stuff!

Loving teaching you guys,  don’t forget the double layers!


here is a nice rope act I found recently.

See if you spot any moves you know! (skip to 0.30)

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  1. This video is awesome, Rachel Entwistle – the only part of it that I recognise and can do competently though is the bit at the beginning where he gets hit in the face (0:46)

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