Rope and Aerial Conditioning…Or Super Mario?? 03/02/2013

03 Feb

Evening All!


Well the New year certainly brought a refreshed sense of commitment from everybody, and I must say, to my regular folkes, I have seen some amazing improvements. In the past month I have seen some pretty awesome leavers, excellent full range skin the cats, lovely looking hip locks and generally much more confidence and, dare I say it, ease and grace up the rope.


The real focus in conditioning over the past month has been straight arms, and straight legs where flexibility allows, when doing our leg lifts (toes to bar) and inverting to straddle/pike. You’d be surprised that most people, even my strongest of gents have found this a real struggle. No kipping allowed in my class 🙂 but while I have continually been barking ‘straight arms’  to most people, today I saw a real break through and definitely am seeing the improvements. See, practice makes perfect! It has also highlighted the value of using a spotter, or ‘spartner’ as I have called it (partner and spotter together), in order to get the full range of motion.


We have been starting to look at connecting rope moves and longer sequences. Alex compared this to being on a Super Mario brother level, where, each time you die (or in terms of rope, get tangled or stuck) you learn a little bit more about the level in order to progress till you reach the boss…….. (We are heading towards a salto soon….that can be our first boss of the year).


Great work as ever by all, it makes my Sundays happy so see you all in the air! Though more pointed toes would make me happier…….

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