Skipping Rope abuse.

07 Feb

Over the last few years we have put out skipping ropes for clients to use.

Actually, we have put out hundreds of skipping ropes for clients to use and they have been  knotted, stamped on and broken in many cruel and unusual ways. The upside is that I have one of the most sort after collection of broken skipping ropes in the UK.

Finally we have decided that, as from 2 weeks time, there will be no skipping ropes provided: in short we are defining a skipping rope as a bit of  personal equipment.  If there are double unders and you dont have a rope, you simply do tuck jumps.

You need to have your own rope so you can practice daily, and to make the practice work, you need to have it cut to your height. Putting knots in a rope slows it down and  changes the dynamic of the way the ropes moves.

We have just bought 4o ropes and hold them as stock at Malcolm place so you can buy a rope through the MBO system  when you book your classes ( head for the online store), and pick it up on your next visit. £12


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