Steven’s Sunday Summary: 17 Feb

17 Feb

Interesting posts on this week

I published the first in an ongoing series of article on coaching. This week I focused on the progressions that we at CrossFit London take our coaching team through in order to provide coaching excellence to you!

We also published the latest 6 week programming lookahead, for those of you who are interested.


Things worth reading from around the web this week

Loads of stuff seemed to hit my inbox this week. The pick of which were:

The New York Times published a fascinating article on real versus labelled calories on packaged food.

There are a pile of articles online covering the athletic women’s body and body image issues, and it doesn’t seem like something that is going to go away soon. I think I received an email about a potential client this very week, concerned about becoming “too muscley”. Elizabeth Akinwale (10 placed finisher in last years CrossFit Games) writes beautifully about this topic on her blog.

Looking to eat paleo/primal, but can’t find the time? Mark Sissons (at Mark’s Daily Apple) has got you covered.

Staying on nutrition for bit longer, Whole 9 Life published their Grain Manifesto. Interesting read for some of the “science” behind why GRAINS ARE BAD.

Need an antidote to all the clean eating? Ok, then…

I love it when visitors from overseas come to our gym, enjoy themselves and then blog about it! It’s as much about the welcome they get from you guys as it is the coaching experience. Well done everyone!


Other CrossFit London news

We may be hatching a plan to open another gym somewhere in London…


Inspiring CrossFit London client of the week

This is hard, mainly because I saw so much amazing stuff this week. This week’s inspiring client, also happens to be a coach (but she does pay for her classes): Kat!

Yesterday morning she completed the Level 4/competition preparation class, wandered off for a couple of hours before rejoining the gym for the Olympic Weightlifting and Strength sessions. Here she proceded to PR every single lift she attempted (four in all), each time grinning and dancing her way to the PR bell. Great coach, great athlete and all round fun person.

Honourable mention to Sandrine, who also (I think) PRd all of her lifts across both sessions. She was docked points for not celebrating enough…!


Picture of the week

Leigh and Wendy get high

















(My) Tune of the week

“Wraith” by Peace. You could be my ice-age sugar…


10 thoughts on “Steven’s Sunday Summary: 17 Feb

  1. A new gym? Please head West, so I can come and train without it being a three hour round-trip!

      1. stevenshrago lucy3point0 Agreed – lots of people I know in Hammersmith/Shepherd’s Bush/Notting Hill have asked me how to get involved

  2. 🙂 I’ll work on my celebration skills… Kat – I think those paleo brownies and cakes we have been sharing might have something to do with those PRs

  3. (Said while brushing a hand over both shoulders)
    “That’s my class the visitor is bigging up, yay. They were a fun pair to coach.

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