Steven’s Sunday Summary: 24 Feb

24 Feb

Interesting posts on this week

Blooming busy week just passed. Here’s a little of what you may have missed…

Both Naomi Gibson’s new Boxing class and the CrossFit London s-Course got their maiden voyages this week. You can read a recap of the Boxing class here, and what happened at the the s-Course here.

We announced a new running workshop focused on the 400m. We are delighted to be able to invite Grace Brown (a sprint and table tennis international) to run this session for us.

Alex Jerrom is back with another gymnastics session, this time focused on nailing the handstand. Those of  you who attended the Lever and Flags session will know just how good (and hard!) Alex’s sessions are. Book early to avoid disappointment, etc.!


Things worth reading from around the web this week

I know I link to them nearly every week, but Suppversity truly nailed it with their piece on the the horse meat scandal. Perhaps horse meat is nutritionally superior to beef…

Brad Pilon (author of the excellent intermittent fasting tome, ‘Eat. Stop. Eat’) cuts to the chase on what is really needed to affect body transformation.

I make no secret of my man crush for Dan John. Never one to overcomplicate things, he summarises his learning around the the three ‘E’s – Eat, exercise, eliminate. (warning: contains brief discussion about poop)

Bret Contreras (‘The Glute Guy’) shares his learning on strength and conditioning for women. Some interesting tidbits hidden away there.

The Daily Mash questions the very point of exercise…


Other CrossFit London news

We had a real life flood in Gales Gardens yesterday. Luckily we happened to have a bunch of functionally fit people on hand to bail us out (boom!)

The Skilled Athlete class booking app died suddenly this week. We are looking into a replacement for this service, so please bear with us.

Some of the coaches embarked on their ‘customer service’ training with me with this week. Currently I deal with 90% of the phone, email and text enquiries that the gym receives, but this will slowly shift leaving me free to deal with fun stuff like VAT returns…


Inspiring CrossFit London client of the week

This week’s recipient of the spotlight is Maria Rosala. A quick poll of the coaches this week returned Maria’s name within roughly 2mins. Amongst a variety of impressive things about her is the quality of her technique on the olympic lifts – especially for someone who has only spent two months in Level 2 classes. Moreover she can do full range of motion strict handstand push-ups. So there’s that, too.

In Phil’s words:

The Unassuming Badass: To Maria Rosala. She might look quiet and unassuming. But she never has a pain face on during a workout and can do strict handstand push ups. She probably also hunts down and eats wolves for fun…no pressure gentlemen.

Picture of the week

Alex ‘strategising’ mid-WOD.













(My) Tune of the week

As if my musical taste wasn’t suspect enough already…this week I reveal my sensitive side. Noonie Bao with “Big boys do cry”. Maybe something more WOD-worthy next week?

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