Steven’s Sunday Summary, 3 Feb

10 Feb

Interesting posts on this week

Busy week at CrossFit London this week!

Naomi Gibson joined the coaching team (woo!) and is launching her early morning boxing class on the 18th of February. Looks like it is going to be very popular, so make sure to get your class bookings in early!

Have you picked up your own personal jump rope yet? We have plenty in stock and you can even take it home (to practice your double unders, natch) with you. The alternative is tuck jumps…

We have just scheduled in a new mobility workshop with coaches Phil and Carolyn. This will be a great session to learn how to safely increase your range of motion, strengthen weaknesses and identify physical imbalances and how to treat them.


Things worth reading from around the web this week

Charles Poliquin is a fairly well-known figure in the strength and conditioning world. He runs quite an interesting blog where he highlights recent research and its implications on training. Quite of a lot of it is link bait, if I’m going to be honest, but there are a few gems hidden away in there. A selection from the last week:

Get Strong: Tips To Gain Maximal Strength & Improve Performance

Are You Trying To Get Stronger, More Powerful, or Build Muscle?

Sleep Better By Taking Vitamin D: Fatigue & Sleep Disorders Are Linked to Low Vitamin D

Donny Shankle is a Team USA heavyweight olympic weightlifter. He didn’t make the Olympics last year but seems to be improving all the time. Aside from his incredibly deep voice (listen to some of the recordings on his site) he is slowing piecing together a book on weightlifting via his blog. This week he introduced the ‘triangle of betterment‘. I like it!


Other CrossFit London news

We’re going to be making some subtle changes to the programming from this week, primarily around the barbell programmes. Should be something up on the site later on this evening.


Inspiring CrossFit London client of the week

This week I’m going for Melisa L. What has impressed me most about Melisa is not only her excellent technique with the barbell movements, but her terrific capacity with the bodyweight aspects of CrossFit. Yesterday I watched her smash though muscle-up drills, push-ups and pull-up in a single session. That she does with with a smile on her face makes her even more inspiring.


Picture of the week

Front squat, elbows
Front squat, elbows


(My) Tune of the week

I actually haven’t listened to much this week, despite spending most of my time in airplanes back and forth to Scotland. That said, I bloomin’ love the new track from Pulp…classic Cocker.

“After You”, Pulp

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