Steven’s Sunday Summary, 3 Feb

03 Feb

Interesting posts on this week

I just shot up a quick LogsItAll User Guide for those of you who have been struggling with the system. I am still working quite hard behind the scenes to get this working exactly as you want it, so please keep the feedback coming.

Other than that, it’s been an unusually quiet week for articles.

Things worth reading from around the web this week

If you haven’t read anything by Glen Pendlay, then you really should. Earlier on this week I was reminded once again of his level headedness, when I saw this article on programming for olympic weightlifting: “How to write an olympic weightlifting programme, Part I“. In short: don’t over complicate things!

The Londonist – a terrific website for news and review of all kinds of stuff around London – continued their regular series on where to play sports in London. They are up to “I”, now. In case you were wondering how to apply your new levels of fitness, here are some ideas…

(Side note: A Londonist journalist interviewed us a while back. I’m expecting to see a CrossFit London article on the site imminently.)

Whole 9 Life – while sometimes a little militant for my tastes – did post a thought provoking article on ‘disconnecting’ this week. As a permanently connected, constantly emailing sort of person, this idea does seem both appealing and appalling: Unplug the noise, sharpen the signal

How Working Out Changes the Morphology of Your Body Fat and Why This Explains that Intensity and Explosiveness Hold the Key to Getting and Staying Lean, Fit and Healthy. Pretty much what is says “on the tin”. Another classic from Suppversity.

Other CrossFit London news

It’s been a quiet one this week. I’ve been away in Scotland on business (non-gym related) for what seems like ages.

Inspiring CrossFit London client of the week

This week I’m going for big Kiwi, Paul Gillingham. A regular attendee at the Saturday morning Level 4 classes, Paul is a terrific athlete. Most inspiring is his focus on technique and skill. I don’t think I have ever seen him perform a sloppy, half rep even when hitting a new clean and jerk PR (107.5kg) at the oly class two weeks ago. And he’s a thoroughly decent bloke, to boot!

Picture of the week

Crossfit London runningCrossfit London running
Crossfit London running


(My) Tune of the week

‘Bullets’ by Archive. Little bit of Richard Ashcroft/Verve hiding away in there, perhaps?

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