The 400m Class!

20 Feb

A unique opportunity to learn all those elite running drills that top quality athletes keep to themselves. The 400m run is quite an awful distance which features frequently in Crossfit workouts. A knowledge of sprint mechanics is invaluable.

 The session lasts one and half hours. It begins with a quick warm up and a 400m run. We  will then learn “the drills”. The session concludes with , hopefully, an improved 400m ( or to put it another way… another 400m sprint) This session is open to all: but,  by implication, you need to be fit enough to give a 400m run ago. No one will judge you if you are “Bad”, and we will offer a 200m sub if needed.

While its not compulsory, please bring a video camera/i-phone so we can record how you run 400m and make improvement suggestions.

This will appear in the normal class schedule, so you can attend this “masterclass” for what it normally costs for your class

look under  saturday 13 April 2013

This session will be led by Grace Brown.
Grace has a strong background within sport, 14 years playing Table Tennis Nationally and Internationally competing all over Europe and England. For the last 10 years she switched from Table Tennis to 800m track running and still competes at county level.


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