The boxing class. Week one.

20 Feb
 This is an update from Naomi
It’s a dark Monday morning in February –  I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of  Crossfit athletes that have also eagerly signed up for the Crossfit boxing class.
As they arrive its clear to me that by the look of them – there will be some big hitters. That was just the ladies…! 
We start with the basics – stance. (Orthodox and Southpaw) Important because this is where your shots come from and return to. Also crucial so you have a stable place to explode power from.

We move onto the jab. This comes from explosively rotating the hip and pushing the shoulder forward into the pad. I can see Alex’s month of training at ReptonBC have paid off – the power these guys are generating is great! 

We move onto crosses – the money shot – the one mostly used (as well as hooks) to KO and do some real damage. Rotating from the hip again. 
After a few rounds each of hitting pads – it’s plyometrics – the trustee burpee to be precise.. No matter how fit you are 20 burpees is always a challenge not least before 8am on a Monday! 
After mastering the straight shots – it’s onto footwork and getting heads around maintaining the stable base, balance and power. You cannot cross your legs in boxing! 
After a few rounds of adding footwork to the combinations – we are cooking on gas! 
In between some more tuck jumps, burpees, star jumps its onto hooks and uppercuts. 
Already I am starting to see some major ninja talent on show. Next week some defensive moves –  keep punching like this – your gonna need to know how to block! 
Well done Cross fitters see you again on Monday! 

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  1. @girlsingloves @crossfitlondon please do an evening or weekend class! Desperate to get the gloves on!

    1. @RachaelParkman @crossfitlondon I am 100% up for doing more classes for Crossfitters! Watch this space

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