Tuesday (pm) Level 3 26/2/13

26 Feb

Tonight, the stars aligned, Tom met Ellie! Our new untamed unicorn and what room with have to play with! Great to have you step up to Level 3 Ellie, great job in your first class!

Not forgetting the regulars!
In the 5:30 class it was really cool to see the likes of Heather banging out kipping pull ups after some drills ‘n’ skills. Rich looking smooth on the power cleans and understanding how low you can go without it turning into a squat clean!

6:30pm outstanding achievers included Kat for her epic pull ups, Andreus for he’s epic athleticism on the power cleans and Paul for he’s efforts on the special gift I gave the CFL competitors tonight!

7:30pm we taught our new comer John, from the states, how to actually use he’s hips during a power clean. Sarah stopped jumping like a ballerina to get 50kg up to her shoulders, keep those bloody heels down! Adnan showed great determination to master the skill behind an effortless heavy powerclean. And finally, Tommy and Alex, kudos!

So here’s what we did:

Weighted Pull Ups 5-5-5-5-5
Kipping Pull Up tekkers

Power Clean 2-2-2-2-2

21,15,9 reps for time:
Overhead walking lunges (25/20kg)
Knees 2 Elbows
Push Ups

Scores on the doors:


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