Twenty and counting: Games update

27 Feb

Hi All,

We will be posting a daily count of those Crossfit London members who are taking part in the open.

We expect the rest of  you to  help us smash the 50  target we have set.

To keep up to date, check out who has signed up Here.

If your name isn’t here, you ought to be asking yourself,  “why not”.

Its simply another WOD.  Its $20 for 7 weeks of  “fun” ( this is less than Kate Pankurst spends on coffee and cake  in one Nero visit)

Of course no one is obliged to join in (seriously) and our Gym isn’t going to turn into an early episode of “Glee” where the team  slushy the “glee kids”, but, perhaps  you  too fancy getting the improvements that Tim, Cian, Tom, the Alex’s, and Kate  ( etc etc) are reporting.

We do not care where you come because its about the improvements you make

21 thoughts on “Twenty and counting: Games update

  1. Finger hovering over sign-up button, just waiting to find out when we’ll be needed for WODs and prep sessions…

  2. hi Lucy
    we wil take a vote, but it certainly looks like friday and sunday… and we may be able to slip in something on wed and thursday.

  3. It’s now up to 30! Come oooon guys – lets smash the target of 50 Crossfit Londoners in the Open.
    Sign up now!

  4. 33  and counting! Good job!!
    if you are a level 3, you ought to have signed up

  5. 44 heroes from Crossfit london taking part…. we dont care where you come.! It really is a taking part experience. The chances are that you have already had an emotional “high” by signing up. Well done. 

    6 to go to meet our target

  6. 49 now, tantalisingly close. Anyone else?
    Let me think… some Level 4 class attendees – Ben A, Adnan, Nick D, Adam B, Heather
    CFL is also close to being number 1 London affiliate. IN2 is on 52 and Thames Reebok is 54

  7. Just registered!  Only to make up the numbers really (and have fun doing it!) – I imagine there’ll be a quite a few workouts which I’ll have to scale and so can’t count…

  8. Any dates/dates/times decided for the competition WODs / prep sessions yet?

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