Wednesday Night Level 4

28 Feb

Warm up

Shoulder Complex – Skin the Cat

Prison Lunges – Hip Mobility

Hollow Rocks – Superman Rocks

Kipping Levers (Bar to hips)

Leg Lifts


Oly Skill

7 sets 1 rep  1 rep=2 squat cleans, 1 Push jerk

Build the weight up over the sets. Sets 1-4 focus on the skill, Sets 5-7 Get heavy!

In between sets work some pistols. a few each leg.

Collectively the group has see an improvement in their pistols from working the leg lifts.



Front Squats 3rm


WOD -Short and Sweet

2 min max burpees

1 min rest

2 min max air squat

1 min rest

2 min max toes 2 bar



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