Weekly Wrap Up 28-Jan-2013

03 Feb

Today was another amazing Sunday at Crossfit London (aren’t they all) and I felt a nice little weekly recap would be in Order.


8 Rounds 

8 Burpees

8 Ball Slams

There really isn’t a nice way to put this. It’s just mean. Ball slams tend to take a lot out of you, and Burpees are Burpees.

Funny enough, everyone went full bore right away, and then around minute 1, everyone started to suffer.

“Burpee 2.0” To Taka: As if burpees weren’t bad enough, Taka decided to do his burpee while holding on to his slam ball. Never thought I’d see the day someone started scaling burpees up.

“Goliath” To Jordan: Unfortunately for Jordan, we ran out of 15 KG slam balls. Luckily, we still had a 20KG. He might disagree about the lucky bit..

“The more the Merrier!” to Level 2 @ 7:30: We had guest star instructor Kat come down with her class for the 7:30 class. I have to admit, she’s much meaner then I am. However, no one made any mistakes on their power cleans post burpee penalty.

Wednesday: Breakneck Pace.

5 Rounds 

Max Strict Press (50% B/W)

Max Strict Pull ups

“Toughest Mudders” To the 5:30 Class. Zercher Squats aren’t particularly pleasant.  Every class complained, especially the 5:30 class. Although funny enough, the heavier the weight got, the less they complained. Big props to Conner who I always joke looks 15 and weighs 40KG soaking wet for doing a Zercher Squat with close to my Front Squat weight.

“Math Fail.” To Paul: Poor Paul. He really REALLY wanted to beat John all night. He came close too, but the math clearly stated that he missed by about ten reps. Until he redid the math and realized that he had beaten everyone by about 10 reps on each move. Well done.


3 Rounds For Time

50 KB Step ups

400 Meter Run. (or 40 Double Unders)

” He who didn’t beat Manuel” To Ali: This is mainly to Manuel. Ali promised to beat his time and finish the WOD in sub 10. Didn’t happen. Don’t let him tell you any different. Still a very nice finish and some excellent double unders though. 

” Honorary DJ” Moe: I love the tunes Moe. Ignore what anyone says. They’re just jealous of your mad beats yo.

“1st Double Under!” To Rachel: Big up to Rachel, who went from “God. I can’t do double unders..” to stringing doubles together the rest of the evening. Gold star.


Today’s Workout looked a bit heavier on the Olympic Lifting. 

4 Rounds

3 Squat Cleans (L3 85% 1RM/L2 75% 1RM)

6 Strict Pull ups

12 Box Jumps (Green/Blue. Lateral for Level 3)


“Guinea Pigs” To the 9:30 Class. When the Wednesday WOD comes along and everyone hates me. (I apologize already.) You can thank in part the 9:30 Class from this morning for helping me test stuff and figuring out what the optimum loading for the farmers walk was. I may or may not use Tim’s penalty suggestion as well. Depends on how I nice I feel.

“Bigger they are” To Vince Poor Vince. Vince can practically reverse bicep curl my 1RM squat clean, so obviously I need to pick apart every single rep he does. Beware, once he figures out how to move a bit move relaxed, we’re all in trouble.

“Skills baby” To the 11:30 Class. From Zero to Sexy as hell Squat clean in no time at all. You guys did an amazing job today. Gold star to everyone who Pr’d their Squat Clean.


Just as a quick sidenote.

I like it when you ask questions. Questions show me that you’re all paying attention and engaged. Most of the questions I get are top notch and help me focus on where you might have an issue that I might have missed. Bring on those kinds of questions. If you don’t want to ask during class or you forget, you can always email me. I try to make it a point to check for questions after every class I give, and that’s when you should ask me something. Nutrition? Mobility? Different movement style patterns? I’m happy to field what you bring. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you, research it and get back to you.

However, one thing that has started to come up is not so much questions as disagreeing. Disagreeing is fine, but there is a better time to do it then while I’m in the middle of teaching 9 other people. Drop me an email or come to me afterwards and we can argue the efficiency of one style of movement vs. another to our hearts content.

I like you guys. You’re motivated, you work hard and you foster a great sense of community within each class. Keep asking me your questions and if you want to discuss the finer points of technique sometime, just drop me an email. Let’s get the most out of class that we can.

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