WOD Saturday 16 Feb: Level 2&3 “Barbell free”

16 Feb

No barbells today. Just bodyweight movements.

Level 2 & 3

Mixed and varied warm up involving dumbbell death march, dumbbell overhead lunges and dumbbell bear walks.

Skill 1: Handstands

Handstand holds and HSPU progressions for Level 2

Handstand walking (including ‘Snake Hip’ Filip’s coaching points) and HSPU progressions for Level 3

Skill 2: Ring dips

Skills and technique work for Level 2
Weighted dips 5-3-2 for Level 3

30 TTB buy-in (20 for Level 2)

5 rounds
7 pull-ups (5 for Level 2)
35 Double-unders (25 or 50 singles for Level 2)

30 TTB cash-out (20 for Level 2)

Well done to everyone who finished inside the 15mins time cap. Particular special mention to Kamilla who thought she was turning up to Kate’s Level 2 class, but in fact ended up in my Level 3 – and still got stuck in!

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