Basic Barbell, Saturday 24 March: Oly Lifting & Strength

24 Mar

Olympic lifting

Today’s theme: “There’s something over your head”



Drill 1: Overhead squat

Drill 2: Snatch landings from over head squat

Drill 3: Behind the neck press from squat

Drill 4: Snatch grip push press (behind the head)

Drill 5: Snatch balance (empty bar)

Drill 6: Snatch drop (empty bar)

Drill 7: Snatch balance (loaded bar)

Work up to a heavy load for the snatch balance



Drill 1: Push press from behind the head

Drill 2: Push jerk from the behind the head

Drill 3: Split jerk from partial split (bar behind the head)

Drill 4: Rack jerk (full split with bar behind the head)

Drill 5: Split jerk

Work up to a heavy lead for the split jerk



Push press, working up to a heavy 1, 2 or 3 (depending on where you did 13.3 the night before!)

Pull-ups between sets


60x Deficit push-ups (on dumbbells)

25-50x Ring rows (feet raised)


Pause front squats or pause deadlifts


45x V-ups

45x Bulgarian spit squats with kettlebells

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