Steven’s Sunday Summary, 24 March

24 Mar

Interesting posts on this week

A bumper week for posts this week.

Chris wrote a great piece on the importance of grip strength and why you should just “suck it up” when using the hook grip.

We’ve just signed up Coach Sommer (of Gymnastics Bodies) to run a one and half day gymnastics seminar at the end of June. This definitely one to not miss.

It was Games Friday again this week (and probably will be for the next three as well). Just when we though that things couldn’t get better, they did! The gym was packed on Friday night with competitors, clients and other supporters. Great atmosphere.

More from Naomi this week on boxing. Footwork.


Things worth reading from around the web this week

The Poliquin Institute reported on research demonstrating that compound, multi-joint movements (like squats, deadlifts, etc.) are more effective for building core strength (abdominal and back) than traditional crunches and ab rollers…

An interesting discussion on the difference between using a training max and a one rep max when working on your strength lifts [Jim Wendler]. Warning: somewhat “fruity” language, probably NSFW.

Well written article by Nate Winkler (of Juggernaut Fitness systems) on hormonal regulation and its relationship to nutrition. Top quote: “I always liken the body to cars — you don’t put regular fuel in a race car, so why would you put poor quality food in your body and expect good results?

I liked this article from “Strong First” on strength through female eyes.

Other CrossFit London news

Hope everyone is geared up for the post-Open BBQ in a couple of weeks time.


Inspiring CrossFit London client of the week

This week…Kat Lincoln! Teeny Kat (to distinguish her from Coach Kat, I suppose) has been a bit of a star since she joined the gym last year. In Coach Alex’s words:

Kat is a model CFL member: always very friendly & positive and supportive. She is hard working, dedicated, a true ‘student’ of crossfit, and recently got her CrossFit Level 1 coaching certification.

This week, she became our first female client (who trains with us regularly) to perform a muscle up (strict, natch). You can see this for yourself via the magic of the Facebooks.

Honourable mentions: Douglas, for PR’ing every single lift between the Strength and Oly sessions last week. And Sandrine for PRing her split jerk and celebrating properly yesterday!


Picture of the week

Socs Vistan took some incredible shots of 13.3 this week. They are all worth a look (again on the CrossFit London Facebook Group). Very hard to pick a favourite, but I think this one pips it. Possible title: “Wall ball: Catch it or wear it”


Samir, wall ball


(My) Tune of the week

Two “tunes” competed for my attention this week, so again you get both.

“Let me in” by Snowmine


“Flaws” by Bastille

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  1. Thank you very much! That was just the pick me up I needed after being completely owned by a cuddly 6kg ball yesterday 😉 
    Lots of love x

  2. 🙂 Thanks for the honourable mention … I promised i would work on those celebrating skills

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