Steven’s Sunday Summary, 31 March

31 Mar

Interesting posts on this week

(Bit late this week – on a train back to London and somewhat at the mercy of iffy wifi. Oh my first world woes…)

Games Friday continued unabated this week. Apparently the thrill of the competition generated spontaneous toes-to-bar syndrome in some folks.

Not strictly on our site, but I’ll claim it anyway: Coach Tom wrote a thoughtful piece on intensity and habit.

I finally got around to posting the programming lookahead (warning: spoilers) this week. Only seven days late.


Things worth reading from around the web this week

(Side note: Google recently announced they would be closing the excellent Google Reader service in the next couple of months. This week I have been trialling alternative services which has somewhat disrupted my reading schedule…)

Coach Chris posted somes great links (again!) this week on his Tuesday and Thursday write-ups. Have a look at the piece on the potential link between nutrition and aggression…scary

Sleep. You should probably do more of it. And maybe do it better.

Quite a nice piece – that resonated with me, anyway – on nutrition and being a self-saboteur.

How strong is your neck? Could it prevent you from taking unnecessary damage in the event of an accident? 


Other CrossFit London news

Twitter seems to be enjoying a boom in popularity around these parts. In case you weren’t already aware, everything that gets posted on this website also appears on Twitter (and Facebook for that matter). Occasionally those of us who have accounts say something more interesting than, “Ate a pile of meat #epic”.

Feel free to follow the coaches, below. Don’t expect Shakespeare.

The gym: @crossfitlondon

Me: @stevenshrago

Chris: @stl_chris_h (unnecessary and overcomplicated use of underscore)

Tom: @conditioned2liv (um, ‘live’ has an ‘e’, Tom…)

Carolyn: @carolynemma (who’s Emma?)

Sally: @iamfitstrongmum (Best. Twitter handle. Ever.)

Rachel: @rachenty (Can’t spell own name…)

Naomi: @girlsingloves (Score)

Phil: @rollingfitness

Naama: @naamachezar

Kat: @no_mercy_kat

I don’t think Phil, Alex, Naama, Kate, Kat or Andrew have accounts. If they do, they keep things mercifully quiet.

Edit: Turns out Phil, Naama and Kat do have accounts.


Inspiring CrossFit London client of the week

This week, the amazing Wendy Wong! (we love Wendy!)

In (newly minted CrossFit Level 1 coach) Rachel’s words:

I have seen Wendy in classes working her way through level 2 to level 3. She has always stood out in class, as someone who works really hard, rises to a challenge and is a great member of our community, along with Magnus.

In this week’s open she “didn’t have toes to bar” but she jumped in with everyone else determined to get some reps. And that she did!! She got down to business and can officially say she now “has toes to bar”. Great to see Wendy and quite a few others this week go for it, even if it seemed out of reach. That is inspiring for us all!

Coach Kat also highlighted a few honourable mentions for this week: Lindsay M for excellence in the face of near-PB weights in the C&J, Katie and Sandrine (again!) for discovering toes-to-bar where previously there were none.


Picture of the week

Socs was at it again this week. Some great shots of everyone. This week I thought this shot of Gamesmakers Tom and Kat was especially apt:

Coaches Tom and Kat

(My) Tune of the week

This week I have been mostly listening to:

“Let it go”, Fossil Collective


“Chemistry Set”, Peter and the Wolf




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  1. Steven – great article and fantastic tunes! It’s been super fun competing in the open at Crossfit London…..and nice to see everyone not taking themselves too seriously (bandana Tom! Really?).
    Kat – watch out. You may attract the wrong type of person with that handle 😉

  2. 🙂 I found this video really helped me understand the movement

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