A blast from the past: the Easy Ring training guide

09 Apr

I loved looking at the retro photos of the guys and girls  who completed  13.5. ( see the facebook page for a clutch of spandex and leg warmers, and barely legal shorts.) Im old enough to remember Jane Fonda the 1st time around so  it brought back memories: all bad admittedly.  Never-the-less it reminded me of the value of both  nostalgia , and the value of a history.

Many Traveling Crossfitters  go out of their way to visit Crossfit London, obviously  because of the  world beating coaching, but also  because we were the 20th affiliate ever, the 1st to be outside the US  landmass and  needless to say,  we were the 1st in the UK.

Today you look at a Crossfit that seemingly dominates the world: 110,000 signed up to the open, Reebok sponsors the games, the Crossfit level 1 is a formally accredited course, we have 3500 sq ft in Bethnal Green and are about to add anther 2500 “elsewhere” in london (more on this soon)

Today our i-course is one of the Uk’s in demand “hot” courses to attend, and (ignoring the lack of heating) we train in  a nearly purpose built  environment:

But, some of use remember that we used to have to rent the East London Gymnastic Centre to stage our i-course


and, for a venue, it was “round the back of my house”.  In the road (thankfully its a cul de sac!)


One of the interesting”things” from this early era were a few “tongue in cheek” training guides. At this  time  we were anxious to promote the value of Ring training, but we had a lot of feedback  from “professional” instructors that too many people would find rings  too hard. Why couldn’t we leave feet, or hands on the floor like  TRX . We were quick to point out that rings , not only had their unique gymnastic value, but , if you had to , they could also be used in a much easier way.

We rudely detailed these exercises in the “Easy Ring training Guide”

As the introduction states  This guide helps you access rings from the ‘core building’ and ‘bicep curling’ nonsense you get in most gyms. But at least we get you to use probably the best bit of fitness kit on the market without making it so hard that you rush home to your mum for a sob.

There is another reason for this guide. Most of the exercises featured here are standard ones that your wimp of a partner could be interested in. You can buy them the rings so they can do little lunges and challenge their core. Then you can sneak off to have a proper training session later. “

The guide ends with a comment on the author :

“This guide was written by Andrew Stemler of Crossfit London, the victim of a long and particularly vicious mid-life crisis”

As a document goes, Its not quite the Magna Carta, but its part of our History. Its a free Download. Enjoy


(obviously there is a full muscle up guide floating about)

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  1. I have this guide in my office draw, along with a set of rings. I regularly use the later, in my lunch break, precisely because of the former!

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