Basic Barbell: Olympic Weightlifting & Strength

28 Apr

Olympic weightlifting

Today’s theme: the second pull, with specific focus on the clean

What thrills me about these sessions is the look on people’s faces when they suddenly hit a new PR without even realising it (happened at least three times yesterday). Just goes to show that improvements in technique go a long way in the olympic lifts.



Including the the third olympic lift…


Drill 1

Muscle clean, focus on elbow/rack speed


Drill 2

Power clean from high hang


Drill 3

Clean from high hang


Drill 4

Second pull finish through the heels


Drill 5

Weight transfer through the second pull


Clean practise working up to a challenging weight whilst maintaining good form.


Strength training

We continued with the Westside Barbell inspired, ‘max effort’ approach yesterday. Each week, we choose a new squat/deadlift and press variation and work up to a 1, 2 or 3 rep max. Over the course of the weeks we will strengthen all aspects of the core lifts (squat, deadlift & press) and continue to set PRs each week. Of the three elements of the WSB method (max effort, repetition, dynamic effort) with cover the first two in strength sessions. Normal CrossFit classes neatly cover off the third method.

The goals for each session are:

1. Set a new PR for every lift

2. Make every lift attempt i.e. no misses


Upper body: seated barbell press

Accessories: double dumbbell overhead press (pause-rest sets), and weighted pull-ups


Lower body: back squat with chains/bands

Accessories: barbell hip thrusts, hanging leg raises

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