I course 07/04/2013

10 Apr


I Course 07/04/2013


Sunday saw another successful Icourse here at Crossfit London. 17 willing participants traveled over to Bethnal Green to spend the day getting to know their PVC pipe, squats and other excellent moves, skills and drills.

Learning the fundamental Crossfit moves was the aim of the day and some fantastic work by everyone involved. We saw some excellent squat development, people discovering new muscles and some great coaching by my fellow coaching team.

Working our way through the barbell movements in the morning we got seriously friendly with our PVC pipes. Some lovely technique began to come through especially on the cleans and snatches. Well done all, great focus and attention to detail.

The afternoon we looked at our gymnastic series (though dish and hollow rocks on a tummy full of lunch was not fun)! Body positioning and tension in the body was the theme throughout, maintaining a tight dish position in all movements. Several people mastered the kipping pull up and we even got a handful people getting their first muscle up in the space of 20 minutes! Well done!!!

We ended the day on a 10 minute ‘Cindy’: AMRAP, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats. Good effort and nice to see people employing their newly found skills and knowledge into the workout!

Lovely group of people we hope to see you all soon! keep working on those drills guys. Knees out, weight in heels, big chest etc etc!


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