Monday 22/4/13 (am)

22 Apr

First Monday of 0630 & 0730…


Great crowds, and great atmosphere, for some reason! Maybe everyone’s full of vit D from the weekend or maybe it’s because we started the classes off with musical squats! Yes musical squats! Music stops…you squat and hoooooooooooold!


Ironing out the Split Jerk!

We broke the Split Jerk down into 2 parts:

Throwing the bar (with the hip drive)

Catching the bar (in a split with arms locked)

First step, push press, noticing the hip extension. Next step, practicing the receiving position with some giant split jumps. Once we had those dialled in on the PVC pipe we moved onto the empty bar bell, took a dip and waited for our partner to clap before aggressively driving the hip to give the bar upward energy then waking up in an active overhead split position with the bar directly over our back knee.


Squat Clean 2-2-2-2-2 (heaviest possible but perfect)

“imagine there’s a wall just in front of you and don’t go higher than your belly button”


3 rounds for time:

400m run

15 Thrusters (level 2: 35/20kg) (level 3: 42.5/30kg)

20 sit ups (abmat)

This morning’s scores:

photo (13)


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