Monday 8/4/13 (am)

08 Apr

The Elite…well bonkers I should say!

We broke the ice with a few games of Hoover Ball! We sooooooh don’t play this games enough! For those of you that don’t know, it’s basically Volley Ball with a medicine ball and you have to squat each time you handle the ball!

Our skill of the week this week is building up to good technical T2B and K2E so we spent some time revising that hollow body position and carrying that through a front lever on the bar even if the range of motion is an inch, as long as the sensation is that of pushing the bar to the hips, we’re winning!

Snatch doubles. My morning gang had the opportunity to practice the 3rd pull drills we hammered home on Friday within the full Snatch Movement. We did a quick refresher with the PVC pipes then crack straight on. Firstly we saw some great 3rd pulls during the first couple of sets then when i highlighted alot of people were missing a good second pull, they addressed that issue but then the squat went to pot! This is typically what we see when developing a skill that has many components, it takes time guys, be patient!

Today’s WOD:
4 rounds for reps:
45 secs work/ 15 secs rest
Handstand Push Ups
Box Jumps
Strict Pull ups

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