New Skills Class! Coming Saturday 27th April

17 Apr

From the 27th of April onwards we will be rolling out a new ‘skills clinic’ every Saturday at 10.30.


This hour long class will be devoted to improving all those key crossfit skills that drive us crazy, we just can’t get the hang of, or we simply need to devote more specific time to that a normal class doesn’t always allow.

This Class will include the following:

kipping pull ups

double unders

handstands/handstand push ups

muscle ups

wall balls

ring dips

toes to bar/knees to elbows and kipping variants

rope climbs

kettle bell snatch/cleans/swings


and maybe more.


Whether you are a new Level 2 and are yet to come across these skills or a Level 3 who has a sticky skill this class will be for you.

Each hour class will focus on 2-3 skills, with supplementary mobilization drills. There will be no WOD or strength element simply drilling those skills!!!

Each week will will publish on the blog and via the facebook group the upcoming skills, perhaps even a few weeks notice.


This class will be led by Tim Lawrence and Rachel Entwistle.



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