Rope and aerial conditioning 14/04/2012

14 Apr

One the first real day of spring this year lots of people battled with hangovers following last nights great post open party and made the journey over to Bethnal Green for some rope hanging, dangerous dangling fun.

Today I had two full classes and some great effort was shown as always by all.

Starting with our usual conditioning drills, it is nice to see marked improvement from lots of people. In most of the drills we do, we focus on maintaining straight legs (pointed feet, of course) and keeping the arms straight at all times, especially when lifting the legs or lifting straight into the pike position. Also, as much as flexibility will allow,

Here are a little video (its a bit cheesy sorry!!!) of some of our exercises, and sills we are working on in the conditioning section. We use a spotter most of the time in order to get full rage of movement and no shoddy cheated reps. Whats the point?

Onto the rope and people are really beginning to build a varied repertoire of moves now. Might have to split the classes into levels soon……

The next few weeks I want to start linking more moves together, make some sequences.

Johnathan and Ricky nailed the hiplock today, and despite some moaning (‘it hurts’, er yeah your wrapped up in a rope 🙂 ) people were picking up the moves well. Dare I say it, some of you are starting to make it look ‘easy’ and graceful.

Rosie also shimmed up the rope in an excellent ninja climb and got the front balance! Brownie points!

Well done guys, as ever, always a pleasure to teach you all.


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