Runs: dont forget next weeks 400m session

07 Apr

With any luck, spring is actually here, so,  we will be putting on some extra events to look at running method: these will be  open to all: gazelles, OAFS , little fluffy worried people and those who run like loping bears

Tom, Kat  ( thats “Kat Kat”, not “Teeny Kat”) and I will be dusting down our POSE and Crossfit Endurance qualifications and holding some clinics to get the outlines of those methods “out there”

In the meantime, I should remind you that next week, there is a unique opportunity to train with one of my great friends Grace Brown: Grace is a former national Squad  level Table tennis play (Horray!! I didn’t call it Ping pong!) who moved on to 800m running, and I think at one time she coud knock out 800m in 2.04.

She has agreed to come  along to Malcolm Place and teach all those essential sprint drills that no one will ever show you.  This will be done in a 1.5 hour session starting at 2pm next saturday 13th April. Amazingly this will not be costed as a masterclass, but as a normal session: you will see the session in the class schedule, and y0u will get charged what you normally pay for a class ( level 1’s can attend too).  Ideally everyone should bring a  filming device to the session so we can film you on your own camera to help you assess your current, and hopefully improved , form.

I think there is some more info here

The session will mainly be outside so, appropriate “wear” advised.

This should be the ideal pre-drinks warm up  for those going to the Crossfit London “do” in the evening (hopefully Lindsay will put some more info in comments below)

One thought on “Runs: dont forget next weeks 400m session

  1. Hi Gang.
    The Post Open Drink is next Saturday 13th April at The Star on Bethnal Green Road. We have some space in the upstairs area of the pub from 7pm. Try and get there early so we can all chat and hang out. It is a popular pub and they have a promoted club night on so it will get busy from about 9pm the manager tells me. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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