Steven’s Sunday Summary, 28 April: The return…

28 Apr

Sorry that I haven’t done one of these for a few weeks. It’s been a particularly busy time…

Interesting posts on this week (and perhaps further back, too)

Andrew encouraged people to peek into his JOHARI window. Beware: what is seen, cannot be unseen…!

We posted up some new dates for the phenomenally popular Wonderbar! series of workshops. If you have have any female friends, colleagues or even passing acquaintances that are interested in strength training and learning the basic list, send ’em our way!

The amazing Grace Brown ran (geddit?) a terrific session on running sprinting the 400m.

We are changing the kettlebell swings standards for a little while, embracing the Russian swing. Sally explains.

I wrote nerdy article on how to get your MBO bookings automatically added to your Google calendar.


Things worth reading from around the web this week

(I have embraced Feedly as my Google Reader replacement of choice. Balance is restored to my world.)

Posted this article because a) it makes a series of good points, and b) I agree 100% with the title of the article: I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie (EliteFTS)

Nick Horton (aka the Iron Samurai) presents an interesting (if somewhat ranty) opinion on “strong is the new skinny”

Splendid article from Nikki Shlosser on strength and your ability to meet challenges.

We often get caught in the debate about “how strong is strong?”, and “how does my performance compare to strong people”. Dan John (of course!) presents some interesting thinking. How do you score?

Ever wondered why we place such a stress on Olympic Weightlifting within CrossFit and at CrossFit London in particular? Wonder no more…

You presumably saw the Ted talk on “Debunking the Paleo diet” that went viral a few weeks back? Do go and watch it (all the way through) and then read Robb Wolf’s response.

Mike Boyle on injury: if it hurts to do it, then don’t do it.


Other CrossFit London news

In case you weren’t already aware, we now have native MBO apps available for both iOS and Android. We’re getting good feedback from them, so what are you waiting for?!

Also, your CrossFit London training options around London are about to expand…


Inspiring CrossFit London client of the week

I am so behind on this…

This week: Alex Best

Alex has been a client with us for a long time (2010?) as was one of the early visitors to our original gym. He’s taken a bit of time off for work, but is now back into the swing of things again. Alex is a pretty competitive runner, and like many runners has had almost zero hamstring flexibility. He could barely manage a decent half squat, or deadlift from the ground when we first met.

This Saturday I watched him air squat below parallel (just!) and sumo deadlift from the deck with excellent form for the first time (that I have seen). I was blown away by the perseverance and effort that that this has taken. To top it all, he’s such a quiet and humble guy, he just shrugged it off and went on smashing the WOD.


Picture of the week

I done took a picture.

 Adrienne back squat

Adrienne back squatting with chains in this week’s particularly badass strength session

(My) Tunes of the week

Aluna George, “Attracting Flies”


Hey Champ, “Comet (featuring BeuKes)”


Cold War Kids, “Miracle Mile”

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