Sunday’s FREE squat and snatch class

17 Apr

You will notice a new “Free” class has appeared on the schedule for this Sunday (2-3.30).

It deserves an explanation.

Crossfit London, apart from running a super fantastic gym ( which has the nicest, most beautiful members in the world), also trains and certifies Olympic weightlifting instructors for the Register of Exercise professionals. On our courses its nice to be able to give trainee teachers the opportunity of facing “real” pupils.

We are always on the hunt for volunteers to be practised on. If you fancy seeing a trainee teacher  trying to work out whats wrong with your squat ,while not bursting into tears, or can be sympathetic when a new teacher dries up in front of a class: we need you.

Its a great experience. and if your squat needs work, or you want to run through those snatch drills again, or, you are thinking of  moving up to coaching, this could be a great experience for you.

What else were you planning on doing????


if you are a level 1 who has been enabled on the system to book 1.6 and 1.7, or a level 2 and 3, book in.



4 thoughts on “Sunday’s FREE squat and snatch class

  1. Has there ever been a more beautiful sentence than one which contains the words ‘free’ and ‘CrossFit’?

  2. There is an “exam” this sunday as well, so any more volunteers, please  do sign up!!

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