Tim’s Tuesday L2

24 Apr

From Tim Lawrence:

Tuesday 23/4 L2


We started with 10 minutes working on double unders, this week’s Skill of the Week.  Our focus was on jumping with a straight body, and no piking or donkey kicks, and on keeping the wrists in close to the body.


Then on to 5×10 back squat @c65%/70%.  Lots of focus on keeping the knees out.  Some great ‘squat faces’ in the later sets – good work all round!




For time:


24 ring dips

24 pull ups

18 push ups

18 pull ups

12 ring dips

12 pull ups

6 push ups

6 pull ups


Scores and squat weights were:


Moe                      65kg                       14:11 (Rx)

Anne                     32kg                       14:26

Sandrine              47.5kg                   16:12

Debbie                 30.5kg                   16:21


A great effort from all and special mention to Sandrine and Debbie who kept working beyond the cut-off time to complete the WOD.

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