Tuesday 23/4 (pm)

24 Apr

Tuesday night’s winner’s enclosure!

What fabulous weather it was yesterday and i would have been a shame not to make the most out of every second of it by going for a quick loop around the tennis courts whilst passing around medicine balls as if they were on fire! We got some funny looks!

We dedicated a solid 5 mins to the SKILL OF THE WEEK, Chris, Paul, Melissa and Nick got the triple under down!

The level 2 guys hit up some muscle up practice prior to the WOD, where the level 3 peoples got to hang out in the bottom of the dip for a while!

The level 3’s were lucky enough to scream through 5×10 back squat (rest 60-90 secs) with an exclusive rule of no failures! They got Sweaty! We saw a variety of back squats here, some people favoring the low bar and others the high bar, but what was great to see, was people that prefer the high bar but took the time to work on their low bar, for reps of ten…Kudos!


For Time:

24 ring dips

24 pull ups

18 push ups

18 pull ups

12 ring dips

12 pull ups

6 push ups

6 pull ups

“What’s this winner’s enclosure?” I hear you ask! The lucky people that finished the workout in sub 7 minutes were treated to a little bonus…1 mile run for time!!! here’s there scores! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151376408121587&set=a.10151109889396587.432231.516291586&type=1&theater


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