Five facts about our new branch: # 5

29 May

photoSo we’re now up and running and into our second day down on Tinworth Street in Vauxhall. Make sure you spread the word to everyone in Waterloo, Battersea, Pimlico, Victoria, Kennington and Lambeth North that there’s a new CrossFit gym on the block and we’re bringing all that is holy from Bethnal Green to the good people of the south.

I’ve already gone though four other great facts about the new branch including how we’re part of the Vauxhall resurgence, we are bigger than ever, we have our own outdoor space and we have installed a lovely lady bar on the pull up rig. Now for the pièce de résistance.

SE11 fact # 5. Colin

CrossFit London SE11 is the only CrossFit gym in London that you’ll find a return of the one and only Colin Menniss.

Yes, one of our originals who decided dedicating time to his Masters was more important than weekly coaching has decided that, in fact, he can’t live without you. Find him taking up the Saturday slots once again at CrossFit London SE11.

And if he wasn’t enough. You also get a good helping of your usual favourites: Carolyn, Kat, latest upstart trainer Rachel. And of course, me.

photo (4)

So come down to see us and check it all out. Book into a class here.

Five facts about our new branch: # 4

28 May

photo (16)Today is our opening at SE11, and if that wasn’t exciting enough get ready for today’s CrossFit London SE11 fact. If you missed the others you can find them here, here and here. We opened our doors this morning at 103 Tinworth Street in Vauxhall. Five minutes from the station, just around the corner from notable landmarks such as MI5 and the Oval cricket ground. Situated ridiculously close to Kennington, Lambeth North, Waterloo, Pimlico and Westminster.

And so today’s fact about the new branch.

SE11 fact # 4. The ladies’ bar

photo (13)Because we like keeping it real at CrossFit London, our pull up rigs are a little thicker and more, shall we say, industrial than most. But as we see it, we’re training your grip and it’s why your deadlift is so awesome.

However, that said for the new gym we have installed a thinner (33mm) ladies bar so those with smaller hands may find those pull up WODs a little easier. Unless it’s 100 of them and then you’re screwed no matter what.

To come down to Vauxhall and try it out for yourself. You can book here.

Five facts about our new branch: # 3

27 May

photo (14)Fact 1 was on Saturday. Yesterday saw the second. And now for today’s fact about the newest addition to the CrossFit London family located at 103 Tinworth Street between Vauxhall station and Lambeth Bridge, and within easy access of Waterloo, Westminster, Battersea, Oval, Pimlico and Lambeth North. We kick things off tomorrow on Tuesday 28 May.

SE11 fact # 3. CrossFit London SE11 will have it’s own yard

Which we share with a few of our neighbours. This means that when we can tempt the sun out this summer, we can pretend we are at the original CrossFit HQ in California and train in the yard.

Given there doesn’t seem much that can stop Kat these days, perhaps we get her to do bodyweight overhead pistols in the yard this week and YouTube it.

All we need now is pull up bar running across the front shutter and the nostalgia is complete. But probably one for the Christmas list eh.

And it will be great for our first Vauxhall BBQ too!

Five facts about our new branch: # 2

26 May

Following on from yesterday’s first fact, here’s another tit-bit of news about our new branch that opens after the Bank Holiday on 103 Tinworth Street, near Vauxhall station, by Spring Gardens and a stone’s throw from Westminster, Waterloo and Lambeth North. So the next of our five facts that you need to know about CrossFit London SE11.

photo (2)SE11 fact # 2. More room than you can shake a PVC stick at

Our new gym is divided in the middle by a pull up rig and essentially gives us room to host two large classes or one huge space for large events. It is our aim to offer a similar format as our Bethnal Green gym and a number of speciality classes including bringing adult gymnastics to a midweek audience, masterclasses and anything we think will capture your imagination.

As always it will be trial and error as we seek to bring you the best mix of fitness initiatives to keep you suitably engaged and challenged.

photo (5)Expect to see a whole schedule of special events to be held in vauxhall as we prove just how awesome our new space is.

Make sure you support us as our London domination heads south into Vauxhall. Book into a class here.

Fact number 3 tomorrow…

Five facts about our new branch: # 1

25 May

You heard the rumours we were expanding. Maybe you figured out the location from loose-tongued trainers and facebook photos. And now it’s all been confirmed. We have a brand spanking shiny new gym kicking off on Tuesday 28th May after the Bank Holiday.

We’ve gone south of the river and opened up on 103 Tinworth Street near Vauxhall station, technically Kennington if you look at the postcode and a stone’s throw from Westminster, Waterloo and Lambeth North. But how about five amazing facts that you need to know about CrossFit London SE11.

US embassySE11 fact # 1. We are muscling our way in to the “Nine Elms Battersea Regeneration”.

So why Vauxhall you may well have asked? Apart from having a trainer (that would be me) who lives in the area who can manage things, it’s also an area that is undergoing major redevelopment as the American Embassy moves to the Nine Elms area, opening the door for urban regeneration from Battersea all the way along to the South Bank.


We have taken up home in the middle of  a couple of large residential redevelopments (Springs Mews to the immediate West and 20 Albert Embankment overlooking us northward), as well as neighbouring with MI5 and a host of other top level security agencies.

Our local green space will be Spring Gardens (of historic notoriety) that has been earmarked for a number of changes including more shops, a weekend market and most importantly, a Nandos!

Make sure you support us as our London domination heads south. Book into a class here.

Next fact tomorrow…

WOD 21 May 2013

21 May

Level 2

Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3

Box jump – technique and best height.

5 rounds for time:
200m run
3 sumo deadlifts (60%)
10 box jumps

Level 3

Pull up 5-5-5

Clean 2-2-2-2

5 rounds for time:
200m run
3 sumo deadlifts (60%)
10 box jumps


Whats a Romanian deadlift and is it useful for my Olympic lifts?

Awareness and the automatic mind.

Robb Wolf podcast from the end of April with invaluable insights into recovery and sleep.

10 things to do to improve your clean and jerk.

Skills Class 11/5/13

13 May

Another great session working on honing our skills.  This week, we started with the Turkish Get-up, looking first at the correct grip on the bell and then at how to set the shoulder.  Then it was down onto the floor to work through the elements of the TGU…and on not forgetting to keep eyes on the kettle bell at all times!! Solid work all round.

We then moved on to double-unders, working first on singles and jumping high without piking or donkey kicking, before working on fast wrists and, finally, putting it all together.  A huge grin from Sandrine as she cracked single/double/single – well done!

Our third skill was the kipping pull-up.  We began on the floor with hollow dish and supermans, before getting onto the bars and working through progressions.  Really good to see improvements across the board, well done guys.

A reminder: no class this Saturday 18/5/13.  We will post details of the skills that will be covered at the class on 25/5/13.

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